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 The NOVELIST  (2022)  

This multi-sensory event gives listeners an experience like none other, audience members will be blindfolded as they listen to the Novelist Audioplay; Fragrances, wind & rain will be replicated to truly immerse the listener into the world of The Novelist. At multiple times within the story, blindfolds will be taken off and the audience will witness a real-life visual experience of the story, from the decor to live actors creating the ambiance.

The Novelist X Creed.jpg

 FLYING KITES (2023)  - Feature film
Drama, Romance


After an uninspired night out, two strangers meet under extemporaneous circumstances and discover they have more in common than they could ever have imagined.

Flying Kites Test Poster 2022.png

Comedy, Romance

The Novelist is an audio series that follows the wild romantic escapades of fictional author Karl Annan

The Novelist Artwork_edited_edited_edite

Action, Thriller.


 A group of friends get caught into a clandestine Game show; where the implications for losing are dire.

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WRITER'S  BLOCK  (2022) - Web Series
Comedy, Drama

Koby a struggling 30 year old writer, living in his younger  sisters house, finally lands his dream commision; to write a Superhero series. However fate will have it, that he now has Writer's Block. The series follows him as he tries every method under the sun to solve it.

Writer's Block temp logo (Website).png

LOCKED- IN (2020)
Drama, Comedy

Two friends Mike and Kwesi take a journey to Ghana to seek pastures new. While en-route to complete a lucrative land deal, they encounter an array of issues

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